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Did you know?

Pure, neutral quartz is called mountain crystals or rock crystal.

Sand is a detached sedimentary rock composed of unbound mineral grains, mostly quartz.

The lithosphere is a part of the Earth's crust, the rigid external layer which consists mostly of minerals.

The Earth's crust is only 1.4% of the globe's volume and 0.3% of its mass.

We manufacture various grades of sand, including washed quartz sand, dry engineering sand, dry special purpose sand, casting sand, moulding sand, filter bed sand, decorative sand, coloured sand and artificial turf sand.

Sandmix also manufactures various types of quartz gravel and grit, including dry gravel and grit, washed gravel and grit, engineering gravel and grit, special purpose gravel and grit, filter bed grit, aquarium grit, coloured grit, base course grit and ET grit.

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