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Sandmix operates its own high quality and state-of-the-art laboratory. We test various properties of sand, grit and aggregates.

We carry out grain size analyses of individual products and test them for their humidity content. All assortments of dry and wet quartz sand and gravel grades that we manufacture are subject to testing at each manufacturing stage and during shipping to customers. The compliance of testing and product parameters is proved with our Factory Quality Control Certificates enclosed with each lot.

We also periodically test the mined deposits in outsourced laboratories for chemical parameters and other properties, e.g. pH, carbonate contents (loss on ignition), and sintering temperature measurements.

QUALITY GUARANTEE – Technical Consulting

We confidently say that we are experts in manufacturing and the refining of washed and dried quartz sand and gravel. Our very frequent customers seek quartz sand or gravel for precise product recipes.

Here we step in by providing our consulting services and long-standing know-how. Sometimes we even change the customer’s sand recipe to their favour and by mutual agreement. We always communicate with our customers to analyse what sand is to be used, and where. We are always here to help. The Warranty Certificates that come with each order proves that the best qualities of our sand and grit are retained.


We analyse the sand grades at every manufacturing stage: from the wet batch through to post-drying inspection, grain sieving and sampling, both before and during loading the shipment to customers. By detailed and repeatable analysis we guarantee that our customers get the natural aggregate exactly to specifications, both grain size and humidity wise.


The core value of our manufacturing is to care for the high quality of our products. We periodically test our sand grades at each manufacturing stage, from the wet stage through to drying, spreading and shipping to customers. In our testing processes we check for multiple parameters, e.g. grain size and humidity.

Our company cares about product quality and can adapt itself to global market demands to specific orders. We maintain the highest quality levels by periodically testing our beds for physical and chemical characteristics. We also provide Factory Quality Control Certificates on request. The Factory Quality Control Certificates guarantee the customer that the goods purchased meet their quality requirements and their origin is traceable. We provide Quality Certificates for specific products and specific natural sand grain sizes. We cooperate with the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, the Foundry Research Institute in Krakow,and the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, Building Materials Engineering Division in Opole.