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Our filter bed grades of grit and gravel are used in various types of sewage treatment plants.

We are a pro-environmental company and proud of our contribution to keeping the planet green. Sandmix is among a few companies in Poland which have been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw to permit our quartz sand and gravel to be used in drinking water treatment plants. Specific standards must be met to manufacture sand and gravel grades for drinking water treatment. Sandmix complies with all of those requirements.

Filter bed gravel and sand grades for water treatment are used in single and multi-layer filtration systems. Sandmix offers high-quality filter bed grades of sand and gravel. These products have highly homogeneous grain structures. The filter bed gravel grades from Sandmix are highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. Other properties of those products allow for a long operating life in the filtering processes. Filter bed sand and gravel boast over 97% of silica content with a small fraction of calcium and magnesium oxides, active iron, sulphuric compounds and organic impurities.

Filter bed gravel is also used in construction of water wells, road drainage and land drainage ditches.

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