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This is a reasonably modern sector and its products are beginning to replace traditional concrete. Polymer concrete is based on resins that make the cured cast much stronger and resilient than its predecessor.

Polymer concrete is an innovative product formulated with polymer resins and a sand and gravel mix. Hence the quality of natural aggregates used to produce polymer concretes is very important. The most important part is the quartz content which provides the finished quality of cured cast. It directly determines the concrete hardness, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, as well as impermeability to liquids and electrical insulation. The quality of natural resins and the sand and gravel mix defines the strength of polymer concrete. What is also important is that polymer concrete is lighter than products made with traditional concrete. A spherical form of sand and gravel grains is critical to the process of bonding with the resins. The dry sand and grit from Sandmix exhibit a high sphericity coefficient of the grains, so they perfectly fill the volume and cohere well with other binders. Polymer concrete manufacturers know well that good natural aggregates are foundations of their business. This is why they focus on the extreme significance regarding the origin of sand and gravel mixes. The grain roundness cannot be modified after the material has been mined. Special geological surveys are often carried out beforehand to extract perfect natural aggregates for polymer concrete.

Sandmix cooperates with leading manufacturers of polymer concrete components. Hence we need to keep the highest quality standards of the products in our range.

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