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We can deliver our natural quartz sand and grit to wherever our customers want. Our special Logistics division coordinates the shipping.

We operate our own transport fleet that is specialised in shipping loose material (in tanker trucks); we also cooperate with the best logistics companies and have suitable warehousing facilities to distribute our sand and grits, including deliveries abroad. Dry quartz sand and gravel, washed grit, as well as engineering and filtering grades thereof must be stored and shipped according to their specific nature. We ensure our aggregate carriers are kept clean – especially tanker trucks. The big bagging process is largely based on brand new containers. We guarantee that the ordered goods will reach the customers on time, and most often at the desired hour, especially if the products are used in manufacturing workflows.



Sandmix has a new warehouse and distribution centre for storage and subsequent shipping of dry sand and gravel. Natural aggregates are stored in our state-of-the-art warehouse, both in paper bags of up to 25 kg and big bags, the latter of which can hold up to 1200 kg of the material, depending on its grade.


We secure our aggregates with professional packaging solutions which facilitates handling and storage. It is a critical part of our services, since it helps retaining the structure and properties of quartz sand and grit.

We pack our sand in plastic bags or three-ply paper bags of up to 25 kg, as well as in big bags from 1000 kg to 1200 kg. Due to our flexibility, we can pack sand into 10 kg or 15 kg bags, by request of a customer. We deliver our goods on pallets secured with shrink wrap film.

All dry quartz sand and gravel must meet the minimum humidity content, so the right method of packing and shipping is essential. We guarantee the maximum humidity level of 0.2% to all customers.