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The construction chemicals industry is growing best in the sectors which produce dry mortars, adhesives and thermal insulation systems. Quartz sands are used also in special-purpose mortars, e.g. for the mining industry.

Natural aggregates play a very important role in the construction industry. They are critical to the quality of plasterwork, concrete or the facade’s finish, since these are manufactured with quartz sand and grit grades. Following special processing, quartz sand and grit can be added to general construction chemicals. Quartz grades from natural aggregates are found in the manufacturing of dry mortar compounds, adhesives, filling compounds, resin-based flooring and surfacing systems, as well as polymer concrete grades. Natural aggregates are also an ingredient for the manufacture of special-purpose sand grades used as abrasives for the sand blasting of large structures.

We refine the quartz aggregates during our production processes. The aggregates are repeatedly washed and dried before fractioning. The spherical grain form and high quartz content gives high quality quartz aggregates, a product indispensable in construction chemicals manufacturing. Sandmix provides quartz sand grain sizes from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm. The quartz grit grain sizes in our offer range from 1.0 mm to 8.0 mm. This diversity of products enables us to complete even the most unique projects. Quartz sand and gravel grades from Sandmix feature a high SiO2 (silicon oxide) content, over 97%. This makes our sand and gravel extremely resistant to abrasion and compression.

Modern processing technologies in the construction chemicals industry require carefully selected high quality components. The construction of modern residential buildings use 80% of finished construction chemicals. Masonry mortars, flooring compounds, thermal insulation systems, thick-layer plasters or tile adhesives are made from high quality natural aggregates. Construction chemicals are a growing industry that has been developing unique new products, e.g. lime and sand products, such as silicate cast units, and the thin-layer adhesives for binding.

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