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We are specialists in natural aggregates for sports and athletic surfaces and subgrade systems. The dry sands from Sandmix are used to fill artificial turf and the quartz gravel is used in polyurethane course subgrades.

Each surface made with artificial turf requires refilling. This is due to variable weather and elements, like water and wind, as well as the natural wear caused by walking and running on the artificial sports surface. These factors reduce the initial performance of artificial turf. The loss of dry quartz sand needs to be made up for if you want to keep the sports surface in pristine condition. Nowadays, artificial turf systems are used in multi-sports applications, e.g. basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, handball or hockey. Multifunctional surface systems are stabilised with quartz sand backfills. The filling stabilises the turf stalks and improves the slip and flexibility of the surface.

Sports facility construction is a steadily growing construction sector in Poland. The majority of the Orlik Youth Soccer Fields, that you have certainly seen in your cities are built with dry sand and gravel from Sandmix.

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