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Moulding sands founding

Foundries use sand moulds made of materials in our offer, i.e. quartz, sand and resins. Quartz moulding sands have found various applications in founding.

The most versatile of all casting processes is sand mould casting. This method is used to make casts from various materials, of various sizes and forms and with the weight anywhere from several kilograms to hundreds of tons. Casting moulds are usually made of silica sands, although zircon and chromite sands are also used. This is done to keep the cohesion between the particular grains, later a binder is added to the moulding sand.

The binders in use include clay, cereal starch, or silicate compounds. The grain size of sand is essential to sand mould casting. The finer the sand the smoother the mould cavity and surfaces produced. Quartz sands coated with synthetic resins are also used in shell mould casting. The latest achievements, enabled by ultrasound inspection, have resulted in unique solutions for the density evaluation of finished sand mould parts. The casting sand moulds are also used in art, usually by sculptors.

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